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Check-Out / Check-In

This features will help improve the quality of your documents. In order to edit a document, you must check-out that document which prevents others from making changes to it. This is the best method for maintaining document control and ensuring the highest quality while also preventing co-authors from introducing conflicting changes. This also provides for a very detailed audit trail so you can determine exactly who made a specific change.

Multiple Workflows

Our flexible workflow editor allows you to create multiple document approval workflows, each with their own approval stages. Don't use approval workflows? No problem, just leave the Workflows empty.

Custom Meta-Data

Need a DublinCore compliant DMS? Or maybe XMP? Not a problem! In addition to our built-in meta-data, our custom meta-data editor allows you to create any meta-data fields you need very quickly. The custom fields are also 100% searchable.

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