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Tower Infrastructure Management System (TIMS) is designed as an integrated management system for telecommunication tower infrastructure business using Information Technology (IT) solutions.

Tower infrastructure business over the world is becoming a new challenging business, in the past most of telecommunication towers were built, operated and owned by the operator, due to the fact that tower infrastructure is part of capital intensive in the telecommunication infrastructure deployment, and with such huge requirement of these facilities, especially in the country with more than one telecom operators or multi operator exist in competition, hence need to have a common shared telecommunication tower infrastructure facilities that could rapidly reduce investment cost and optimizing the site utilization, as well as to reduce negative impact on environmental conditions etc.

TIMS is the Solutions

Time to market and managing site location is critical for tower provider businesses. At TIMS, we focus on quality and speed of site management, combined with an innovative core workflow framework using industry standard components such as Microsoft Windows Workflow as our middleware built around a web based framework.

Our off the shelf workflow solutions, can be quickly configured and customized and implement workflow solutions that automate & speed up your business processes.

We provide our customers with competitive advantage through quicker time to market and time savings through streamlined automated process.

Traditional Workflow solutions are expensive to deploy and cumbersome to manage. TIMS provides web based solutions that helps you of the need to purchase hardware, upgrade environments and install software. TIMS have innovated and built a core web workflow frame work that is highly configurable.

We have implemented several workflow-based applications using our core platform and using agile development processes to map our customer requirements that are delivered on a hosted or software service model. We have been long time in developing business process mapping for the entire Telecom supplier value chain that can manage complex business lifecycles.

TIMS Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Platform is suitable for companies that utilize capital assets and telecommunication tower infrastructure to deliver products and service to their customers, including telecom and wireless operators, companies that provide services for installation, commissioning, operations & maintenance of telecommunication sites, etc.

TIMS application is software solution built to effectively and efficiently manage all business processes of tower infrastructure provider companies, the TIMS manages all sites data related including on existing sites, planned sites, progress and status of survey and searching of new site candidates, site acquisition, site construction, site testing & commissioning, site tenants data management, site log and schedule maintenance, site properties data management, site asset & inventory management including automatic depreciation calculation and asset valuation calculation from selected residual value and depreciation method.

For management overview TIMS also be facilitated with a dashboard display both on graphical and numbers presentation of various data, including total number of sites which are grouped by site status, by tower type, by site location (by City, by Province, by Island, and by Country), the dashboard indicator also display the number of tenant per site, number of all tenants, and site tenancy ratio, etc.

Details report and analysis data in both graphical and numbers are also available for each functional modules, such as for site location, customer and order management, vendor and procurement data, user transaction data, etc.

TIMS Infrastructure lifecycle management application is designed to suite all business process related to Telecommunication Infrastructure that meets most of these requirements.

TIMS Functional Modules

The following modules simplified the descriptions of TIMS’s functionalities that each business processes are grouped in the usual and structured organization.

Site Location Manager

Provides all detailed information of site data, document related site, address and PIC contact and integrated with GIS map-based, 24X7 available online marketing to collate, record and display content rich asset/ location information, in just a few clicks. Site finder and searching the nearest available sites for best and quick offering possibilities to the client, A Web-based service, the Location Manager is a 24X7-available GIS channel opportunity to have a branded Internet tool to show internal and external customers/stakeholders sites and infrastructure information in just a few clicks.

It enables you to collate, manage, plot, and generate reports on all infrastructure / site information in single, online, search-enabled, real-time managed software that is integrated with any GIS solution like Google maps. The application enables you to generate revenue through the increased visibility of the entire portfolio for sales, rental and sharing.

The customer-friendly service enables you to provide your potential customers (internal/external) with site/infrastructure information that would help them make a decision about the viability of a site and location.

The Location Manager provides configurable data to potential customers/ stakeholders collated into information that enables decisions about the viability of a location. Authorized users and customers can search by Radius – Easting / Northing / Latitude / Longitude and/or Region or drill down via an integrated Map-based search.

Map Search: The Location Manager comes with an integrated map search facility to allow searches by potential customers in the first instance. Location Manager can help you add 24 x 7 time and channel to market Revenue Generation via increasing possibilities of infrastructure / site selling, tenancy & sharing Possibility of Quick Looks on existing sites through Map Integration.

Site Rollout Manager

Provides Workflow-collaborative process driven application to plan, manage, track & complete rollout & co-location projects on-time and on-budget for initial rollout planning schedule, survey and searching site candidate, selecting the best possible site candidate alternatives for optimum acquisition process, project implementation tracing and monitor.

Rollout Manager is a comprehensive collaborative workflow driven application to effectively plan, manage, track and complete roll-out of infrastructure projects on time and on-budget. It helps users manage and complete infrastructure rollout and completing projects on time through effective monitoring of project milestones, managing and tracking of the projects at each stage.

The application gives a clear view of the project costs and also whether the necessary regulatory approvals are secured. With rollout manager; you can search the proposed location given by customers in your existing infrastructure site database, surveyed site and earlier proposed sites. You can mobilize resources; manage site survey, search for infrastructure locations, manage location identification and multiple site acquisition processes with the built-in milestone driven project management tool.

Process workflows, milestones & work queues Search Ring for existing, proposed, surveyed sites, and adding of new search rings Management of Site Survey, Identification and Approval Process.

Co-location manager

This will manage the sharing of infrastructure and cellular sites that enable customers to find share masts, towers, sites and cabins through workflow that automates the business processes in sharing of network infrastructure.

Col-location manager workflow system helps companies to minimize infrastructure roll-out costs by providing a central system to find and ‘share’ infrastructure e.g. masts (sites), cabins etc. This is highly relevant in telecom industry where mobile companies can benefit directly from sharing of towers & other network infrastructure.

The Application automates the business processes involved with the process for implementation of sharing infrastructure across a particular customer. It can be deployed by one or multiple companies sharing the site or site/asset providers.

The application has all the functionalities of TIMS Infrastructure lifecycle management platform, but provides the added feature of Business Partner Connectivity externally for online approval of milestones.

Each different business partner (customer) can have different SLAs configured SLAs can be defined for the different types of sharing required, e.g. cabin share, antenna share, and dish bolt-on external workflows are configured in the system, based on organizational contacts and region.

Site Asset Manager

Site Asset Manager is a comprehensive application to watch your sites and infrastructure in real time. The application provides drill down the representation of the infrastructure or site assets. The data from the infrastructure or site is fed into the system through tracking devices or manually fed data. With Site Asset Manager, you can now understand where your business assets are located and what Asset sits at a site.

For full inventory management of all your sites, the system provides snapshot views of all your site information and creates a view and representation of your asset data located on each site.

Operation and Maintenance Manager

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Logging Manager, is a centralized application that acts as the heart of infrastructure lifecycle, with focus on asset health, visibility and control over all ongoing operations and maintenance activities related to infrastructure & sites. The application enables automated management and tracking of all onsite maintenance logging results and status, maintenance schedules of onsite infrastructure. The application allows collaboration of internal & external users, to effectively plan, manage & monitor preventive as well as condition based maintenance activities, that minimize O&M costs while optimizing resource utilization and improving service quality.

To ensure optimum uptime of assets & sites via preventive maintenance & outage management reduce downtime penalties on managed sites, with proactive monitoring and service views Increase infrastructure life through efficient scheduling of infrastructure care visits

Mobile Workforce to provide onsite auditing and transparency that work is done correctly Top ten problem sites instantly visible on your dashboards allowing you to focus on regions, suppliers or infrastructure, which costs you the most and hence reduce risks and liabilities Detail service view on sites giving your customer facing team’s instant knowledge of their issues Mobile Workforce to provide onsite auditing of field operations to check electricity/diesel/solar cells/ to ensure that work is done correctly Quickly see the level of operational spend, which allows you to understand your liabilities and areas that need to be improved.

Optionally, when integrated with SMS Message Server and SMS based PLC equipment, TIMS has the capability to monitor and control the sites where the site is provided with monitoring and control panel (options) that capable to communicate with the SMS Server using SMS text message for example using SMS based PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with some input and output ports.

Each control and monitoring point may be programmed and assigned to control and or monitor equipment on site.

This task can add, update, and delete site mobile number data, and SMS command data that is interfaced and adopted with given SMS based PLC equipment command interface, and to send SMS based command through SMS message Server.

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